Sheets2Table Help – Displaying tabular data in a page or post

Once you have downloaded the data from Google Sheets, the next step is to display this data in a desired page or post.

WordPress uses shortcodes that are used as a macros. Sheets2Table uses shortcodes to dynamically build an HTML using information stored in a shortcode.

Copy the shortcode

  1. Click on the Shortcodes tab in the Sheets2Table plugin
    Shortcode tab
  2. Locate the file associated with the Google Sheet data that you want to display
    Locate shortcode
  3. Select that data in its entirety and copy it to the clipboard
    Select and copy shortcode

Paste to a page or post

  1. Locate your desired page or post to display the data in
  2. Paste the shortcode to that page
    Add shortcode to page
  3. Preview the page to verify the data is correct (or publish and view)
    View page

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