Sheets2Table is a simple to use WordPress plugin that builds an HTML table from a Google Sheet.

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  1. Import a CSV file from a Google Sheet only using the document ID
  2. Automated tool to build shortcodes
  3. Basic file operations to download or delete CSV files
  4. Multiple CSV files and shortcodes support for limitless tables and combinations
  5. Responsive table by installing the  FooTable plugin

Plugin logic

  1. Get the CSV version of the Google Sheet
  2. Turn the CSV file into a 2D array
  3. Using a user-defined shortcode saved to a blog post or page, the page renders an HTML when opened
  4. The table renders using the default styles of the theme


This project was inspired and derived from work we did on the website. The website owners wanted an easy way to edit the data and display it in a responsive website. Sheets2Table is a generic version of the plugin that runs on the EdTech Journals website.

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