Sheets2Table Help – Retrieving the Google Sheet data

The next step is to use Sheet2Table to retrieve the data from this Google Sheet and save it as a CSV file.

One can save spreadsheet data in a number of formats. Commonly one saves it in an XLSX file, which is Microsoft’s Excel format or Google Sheet which contains formatting information such as colored cells and styled text. However, one can save the raw data in a CSV file.

  1. Open up your WordPress Dashboard (admin site) and navigate to: Settings -> Sheets2Table
    Get Data Form
  2. Open up your Google Sheet and copy the Google Sheet ID from the URL and paste it to the Google Sheet ID field
    Google Sheet ID
  3. Type in the name to save the CSV file to
  4. Click the Save and View Data button
  5. Verify that file was downloaded and the data is displayed.
  6. Get the shortcode by clicking on the Configure a shortcode link
    Verify Data

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