Sheets2Table Help – Get latest data option

By default, Sheets2Table works from a user-created snapshot of a Google sheet. This works well if the user wants to control when to display the data in WordPress. If the user always wants to publish the data in the Google sheet to WordPress, then the user sets the get-latest-data shortcode option.

Configure Shortcode

  1. Open up the Sheets2Table Shortcode tab (Dashboard -> Settings -> Sheets2Table -> Shortcodes)
  2. Locate the shortcode corresponding to the table you want to make responsive
  3. Click on the Customize link for your filename
  4. Select the checkboxes for the columns you want to display
  5. Select the get-latest-data checkbox
  6. Click the Generate shortcode button
  7. Take notice of the updated shortcode. It should now include an option that reads: options="get-latest-data"
  8. Copy / paste the updated shortcode to your page or post
  9. Each time the data is displayed in WordPress, it first goes to the Google sheets and retrieves the latest data.

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